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When you become eligible to participate in the Defined Contribution Fund, your employer must automatically deduct $0.50 per hour from your pay in Employee Pre-tax 401(k) contributions and forward these amounts to the Plan on your behalf. 

Defined Contribution Fund


Making Defined Contribution Changes

You must complete the Defined Contribution Enrollment/Opt-Out Form (and return it to your employer) if you choose to:

  1. Opt-out from the automatic contributions, or
  2. Change the automatic contributions to a different amount, or
  3. Replace the automatic contributions with different types of contributions (such as After-tax Roth 401(k) and/or Pre-tax 401(k) amounts).

REMINDER: Contributions made by your employer before the Fund Office receives your properly completed enrollment/opt-out form may not be refunded but remain in your defined contribution account.

TIP: Once you begin participating, it’s a good idea to register at to learn more about your defined contribution account.

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