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Defined Contribution Automatic Enrollment
Your employer must automatically deduct from your wages Pre-tax 401(k) contributions in the amount of $0.50 per hour for every hour worked.

Contributing to the Southern California Pipe Trades Defined Contribution Fund is a great way to prepare for retirement. The plan is managed by John Hancock Retirement Plan Services ("John Hancock"). They have 40 years of experience in helping people take the guesswork out of their retirement plans. John Hancock can do the same for you.

I already have a 401(k) account
If you are currently contributing to the 401(k) Plan (either Pre-tax 401(k) or After-tax Roth 401(k)) you are not affected by Automatic Enrollment. You don't have to do anything.

Opting out
You may opt-out or make changes by completing an Enrollment/Change/Opt-Out Form.

Why change the rules?
The Trustees of the Fund believe that saving for retirement is an important part of anyone's financial plan, and believe that the saving opportunities offered by the Defined Contribution Fund are a valuable benefit.

For more information
For further information, please refer to the following mailings:

  1. Defined Contribution Fund Supplement #2
  2. Important Notice
  3. Automatic Enrollment Notice
  4. Enrollment/Change/Opt-Out Form
  5. QDIA Notice

Or you may contact us at (800) 595-7473 (press "2" for Member Services).







Download brochures and publications here. You will need Adobe Reader.

Summary Plan Description & Supplements

Summary Plan Description - Jul 2013

Supplement #1 - Jul 2013
(ROTH Contributions)

Supplement #2 - Oct 2013
(Auto Enrollment)

Supplement #3 - Mar 2014
(Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages)

Supplement #4 - Nov 2014
(Distributions for Missing Participants Upon the Termination of the Plan)

Supplement #5 - Nov 2014
(Same-Sex Spouses)

Supplement #6 - Feb 2015
(Withdrawal of 401(a) Employer Non-elective Contribution Account)

Supplement #7 - May 2015
(Changes to When You Can Be Required to Take a Distribution from the Plan)

Supplement #8 - Nov 2015
(Normal Retirement Age)

Supplement #9 - Nov 2016
(Benefit Payment onTermination of Employment)


General Forms

DC Fund Enrollment/Change/Opt Out Form

Enrollment & Beneficiary Form

Change of Address Form

Retirement or Termination Withdrawal Forms

Retirement/Disability/ Termination Distribution Application

Retirement Declaration Form

Certification of Termination of Employment

Hardship Forms

Hardship Withdrawal Application

Other Distribution Forms

Special Employer Account [401(a)] Withdrawal Application

Payment Due to QDRO Application

Death Benefit Application


Special Notes Regarding Hardship Withdrawals

401(K) Forms & Information

Enrollment Change Form

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