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Participant (SCPT)

We are pleased to welcome you to the Southern California Pipe Trades Trust Funds. By signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement with District Council #16 of the United Association, you have agreed to provide benefits for a group of your employees. Those benefits are provided by making contributions to seven employee benefit trust funds and to certain other entities. Our responsibility at the Southern California Pipe Trades Administrative Corporation, among other duties, is to collect and account for those contributions.

Here you will find details regarding monthly reporting procedures, 401(k) reporting procedures (including Automatic Enrollment), and additional forms that may be required throughout the length of your contract. All of this information can be downloaded and saved for your convenience.

If you have recently signed an agreement with one of our Local Unions and have not yet received Employer Report Forms, please contact the Employer Services Department at (800) 595 – 7473 (Option “3”) or email us at

Contributions are due and payable on the 10th day of each month covering the hours worked by each employee through the last payroll period of the prior month.




Download forms and publications here. You will need an Adobe PDF reader.


New Employer Welcome Letter

Corporate Officer/Owner Election to Participate

Exempt Owner Form & Information

Inactive Status Request

Employer Change of Address

List of Corporate Officers, Sole Proprietors, Partners & Other Owner-Managers


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