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Automatic Enrollment

All employers must automatically enroll all D.C. #16 Members in the Defined Contribution Fund at $0.50 in Pre-tax 401(k) contributions unless they opt out.  This affects your payroll processing. Your company may incur significant costs if it fails to comply with the new rules. Please see the Automatic Enrollment-Employer Packet and the New Employee Packet for more information

Roth 401(k) Contributions

Participants are permitted to elect not only Pre-tax 401(k) contributions, but also After-tax Roth 401(k) contributions.  For detailed information, see Supplement #1 describing the Roth 401(k) feature and the flyer called How Benefits Affect Payroll.

It is extremely important that each type of contribution is reported on the correct Employer Report Form. Retroactive corrections to the contribution type are time consuming and expensive, and the fee charged by the recordkeeper, John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, to make such corrections will be borne by the employer. Excel versions of the forms are available here on the download sidebar.





Download forms and publications here. You will need an Adobe PDF reader.

Defined Contribution Fund Changes Package

ONLYK Excel Spreadsheet

ROTHK Excel Spreadsheet

Defined Contribution Supplement #1 - May 2013

Defined Contribution Supplement #2 - October 2013

Employer Contact Information Form

Enrollment Change Form

How Benefits Affect Payroll

Automatic Enrollment Employer Information Packet



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